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Evan’s Staying Longor(ia)

Welp, looks like Tampa’s hot corner isn’t cooling off any time soon. The Rays’ gap-toothed God Evan Longoria extended his contract at Tropicana for six more years — possibly good through the 2023 season.

Longo took to Twitter to announce it himself:

In an article written by MLB.com’s Bill Chastain, Rays executive vice president of baseball operations commended the 27-year-old third baseman, too.

“Evan has all of the attributes we seek in a player. His determination and work ethic inspire others around him. He is devoted to his craft and strives to improve himself every year, and he defines success in terms of team performance and achievement. It’s exciting to know that Evan will be manning third base for the Rays for many years to come.” —  Andrew Friedman

Longo joined the Rays’ big boys in 2008 when he made his major-league debut. Now, the former Cal State Long Beach player boats a .276 career batting average and accolades including ’08 AL Rookie of the Year and three-time All-Star (’08, ’09, ’10).

Also, this is his girlfriend.

Moral of the story, with an additional $100 million to his extended contract and an OK-looking girlfriend, Longo ain’t doing half bad.


Astros Makeover: Houston’s Fresh ‘forms

Everything’s bigger in Texas — and sometimes, that ain’t good.

Take, say, the horrific-ness of the Houston Astros.

Just to jog your memory:

Yeah, that sucked.

But great news, Texans! The Astros are cleaning up at least one thing before next season comes barreling through: their look.

To celebrate the team’s move from the National League to the American League, Houston unveiled new ‘forms.

Here’s last season’s:

And the upcoming swagger?

Oh, and don’t forget another new addition: Orbit.

At least the Astros have one dude who’s supposed to act goofy now.

At least the Tigers still have this…

So what if the Detroit Tigers got murked by the San Francisco Giants? ( … four times)

Though they didn’t get their paws on that World Series trophy this year, they’re still ahead of San Fran when it comes to the land of hipsters. Hey, it’s something.

On Peta’s list of Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks released this summer, the Tigers stole the No. 3 spot while the Giants (wait for it) WEREN’T LISTED AT ALL. Take that! Enjoy trying to satisfy skinny-jean wearers now, San Francisco!


The Peta article reads the following about Comerica Park:

There’s a trio worth cheering for at Comerica Park—and we’re not talking about Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder, and Miguel Cabrera. We mean the stadium’s vegetarian Italian sausages, veggie riblets, and vegan hot dogs. With these and other great-tasting vegetarian choices available, Tigers fans can show that they care about cows, pigs, and chickens, too.

Could this have to do with Prince Fielder’s stint with vegetarianism back in ’08?


Anyway, who needs rings when you have tofu, am I right?


Romobomb: San Fran’s Photobomb King

There’s always a bit of ham riding the pine for the Giants. OK, so being a relief pitcher isn’t exactly getting benched, but when Giants relief pitcher Sergio Romo isn’t on the mound, he’s living it up in the dugout — for all to see.

Romo frequently photobombs reporters during their television coverage on the diamond. Sunday night, Fox Sports/Erin Andrews became Romo’s latest target.

Stunning, isn’t he?

But it wasn’t his first time.

Keep on keepin’ on, man.

Police Groupies in Maryland

Apparently, carrying a gun can’t even get you a Yankees autograph.

Today, Deadspin posted an article claiming two Maryland State Troopers hired to work the first game of the ALDS Yankees Orioles series asked Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher for autographs … during live play.

I mean, God damn it. First off, as an employee of  Maryland, shouldn’t you have some respect for the home team? Second off, Nick Swisher?

Y’all could’ve gotten your Jeter fix by waiting for your gift basket the morning after just like everyone else. Rookies.

Postseason Pickin’: Who Will Be 2012’s Champ?

MLB’s design team has wasted no time flexing its muscles in time leading up to postseason play.

The lucky stars with Instagram accounts know what I’m talkin’ about. MLB’s Instagram has really been posting some gems counting down the days to postseason — er — #postseason. Don’t have an Instagram? Thank God you have me.

So, MLB answered the, “But who’s counting?” question swimmingly (complete with animals). The battle for the title of 2012 World Series Champions officially fires away Friday. Who you got? 

One of the Youngest Players Doin’ it: Trout’s Time

There are few guys in the MLB tearing up the game like Angels centerfielder Mike Trout. Not only is the 21-year-old the youngest player to join the 20-40 club , but he’s also showing promise for other pro accolades.

In Lyle Spencer’s article for MLB.com, he writes:

Trout, who turned 21 on Aug. 7, has a legitimate shot at assembling a postseason hardware collection unprecedented in the game’s history: the American League Rookie of the Year Award and the AL Most Valuable Player Award; a Rawlings Gold Glove Award in center field; a Louisville Silver Slugger Award; AL batting champion; and steals and runs scored kingpin.

American League MVP, anyone?

Oh, turns out Trouty20 tries to live up to his name, too.