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The First Pitch

Hey you. Yeah, you, the L7 weenie. Does that zinger sound familiar? It should. Baseball classic and feel-good flick”The Sandlot” nuzzled its way into the hearts of little boys and girls (hey, that Benny was smokin’) of the ’90s more than a decade ago, and the flick STILL proves to be one of the most cherished sports movies of all time. Whether it was the smack-talking, chubby ginger behind home plate or the four-eyed goon, Squint’s classic one-liners (read: for-EV-er and L7 weenie), we’ve all paid ode to the once-VHS flick at one time or another. And looking to today’s professional game, the rising rookies of the MLB will soon be trickling in as kids from the ’90s, when “The Sandlot” and video game Backyard Baseball ran supreme. So for the sake of nostalgia, check out the links below. Oh, and, p.s., you play ball like a GIRL.

The Bleacher Report’s match-up of MLB players and who they’d be as a “Sandlot” character 

What the cast looks like now


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