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Derek Jeter: Douche or Darling?

There’s no doubt New York Yankee Derek Jeter is a legend when it comes to baseball. But is this shortstop making moves to come across as a legend betwixt the sheets? Jeter’s usually mum about his romantic life (and who blames him after he’s rumored to have dated Mariah Carey — WOOF), but in December, things took a turn for the scandalous.

The New York Post hit the newsstands with an article claiming baseball’s hottie sends off his one-night-stands with more than a case of bed head. According to the sexy report, Jeter has a car waiting for the chick conquest with a gift basket in tow with a signed baseball by the man himself. Talk about a parting gift! While Jeter and his reps haven’t commented on the report, the web is abuzz with hysterical replies. Some favorites below the NY Post Article:

However, most commenters were in defense of Jeter, claiming this is a “non story” because he’s technically single after cutting things off with actress Minka Kelly in August. But a few weeks after the Post article debuted, the web was swarming with rumors the glamazon and baller were back on after pictures of the two on a romantic vacation in Paris surfaced. As of now, baseball’s hottest couple is said to be dating discreetly. So this raises the question: Was Derek Jeter wrong for giving his ladies gift baskets?  How long have the two been dating discreetly? Will this be an issue he and Minka will struggle with in the future? Was it a sweet gesture of the stud to dish out baskets or was it douchey? Sound off, ya’ll.


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