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College Baseball’s Tim Tebow?

It’s about that time again. College baseball is kicking off around the nation and Friday, the boys of the University of Florida began venturing along their road to Omaha. The biggest story emerging from the home series against Cal State Fullerton (don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of them) was the Gators’ youngest buck. Taylor Gushue, a freshman from Calvary Christian (Boca Raton, Fla.), said talk to the hand to his senior season and chose to graduate high school early to enroll at UF in January. Pretty ballsy move considering Florida returns most of its starting roster from last season. But Gushue nabbed himself a spot in the starting lineup this weekend as the designated hitter. And when the wee one (OK not so wee — he’s about 6’2, 205) saw his first pitch, he swung and nailed it out of the park. Talk about the perfect set up for a “Cinderella Story” replacing the glass slipper with a clayed up, size 13 (ballpark) baseball cleat, of course. When it came time for interviews after the Gators’ win, the kid was beaming. And he’s about as pure as they get when it comes to the diamond. There’s something lovable about him. He’s got an innocence and that “awww gosh” attitude reminiscent of Tim Tebow. And when Gushue told media about him and his family praying about his tough choice to come here, it became clearer. A fellow reporter, Matt Watts of the Miami Herald said: “If Tim Tebow played baseball…” And he was spot on. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Gushue. But here’s to hoping he doesn’t pull a story-time move like Timmy did recently. Woof.




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