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Niese is Sexy and He ‘Nose’ It

Former New York Mets player Carlos Beltran is footing the bill for a former teammate’s brand new schnoz. Beltran, a current fixture on the St. Louis Cardinals, told Mets left-handed pitcher Jon Niese he’d pay for his nose job. According to a  CBS New York article, Beltran and Niese were casually talking about Niese’s nose with their peers in the locker room.

A player asked Niese if he would ever consider going under the knife and he said it wasn’t a priority. However, when Beltran asked Niese if he’d do it if he fronted the cash flow for the procedure, Niese replied, “Of course.” Now, Beltran is putting his money where his mouth…er nose… is (about $10,000).

Niese, 25,  got the surgery in October (check out the before above and after below) and he said he can breathe easier (hey, it’s easier on the eyes, too). Beltran said he’s going to pay the sneezer bill when he can get it to Niese in person. Talk about some paper for some plastic, huh?


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