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No. 1 team in the country agreed to an exhibition game against an 18U Canadian team?

Coming into Wednesday night, no one really knew what was up. Some thought that the Ontario Blue Jays exhibition game on the No. 1 University of Florida’s baseball schedule was a Major League matchup. But isn’t that team called the Toronto Blue Jays? Maybe the team changed its name or something. False! the Toronto Blue Jays is still the official name of the MLB team. So who was this Ontario Blue Jays team who was scheduled to play the Gators?Image The Ontario Blue Jays are actually and 18 and under team currently in the midst of spring training in Vero Beach, Fla.  While the Blue Jays were going to get a stab at pristine, Americanized competition, some Gators who don’t usually see the playing field were inked on the lineup — some of them would get their names announced over the speakers of the stadium for the very first time. UF turned in a lineup free of its usual starters and all stars with unfamiliar roster names. But just after “O Canada” was played over the speakers Wednesday night, Mother Nature stepped in with lightning, thunder and hail in Gainesville to pave way for a cancelled game. Though the Blue Jays never got to play the No. 1 team and Florida didn’t get the chance to flex it’s subs, some still left the game confused despite the fact play didn’t even start. Why would coach Kevin O’Sullivan agree to a game with an 18U team … from Canada? How did this game even get on the schedule? But, if you ask me, I think it’s a perfect display of the type of guy O’Sullivan is. Sully was kind enough to give this underdog team out of Canada a taste of some awesome competition while giving some of his guys who don’t usually see the field, a chance to play. Even though the only baseball- sized thing going through the air Wednesday night was barrels of hail, fans and college baseball connoisseurs alike can walk away with a better sense of the type of program Florida runs aside from the wins and national rankings, eh?   


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