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An Escape: “Baseball in the Time of Cholera”

It’s safe to say a major chunk of my Twitter feed is tickled with Tweets from celebrities.   I’m a little hungry for star photos and maybe even what-they’re-eating-for-breakfast updates — I’m definitely not afraid to admit that. However, earlier this week, a Tweet from starlet hottie Olivia Wilde (see “House,” “The Change-Up”) caught my eye because of the word “baseball.”

She wrote, “Thank @ENews for a great interview on the set of Rush today. So cool when press folks ask about Haiti and our doc http://www.baseballinthetimeofcholera.com.”

Wilde is a co-executive producer on a documentary titled, “Baseball in the Time of Cholera.” The film follows a young boy who plays baseball and a Haitian lawyer fighting for compensation of Cholera victims in Haiti. Sure, our newsfeeds have been blowing up with all this Kony 2012 business, but this seems like a film that ties a young boy’s love of the game with a truly tragic happening in his home country through a story in this youngster player’s eyes. Check out the trailer and see for yourself:


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