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MLB 2K12: Capitalizing On Kate Upton

OK. We get it. Kate Upton is kind of gorgeous. Alright, she’s really gorgeous and has all the sex appeal in the world at a barely legal 19 years old. So why not use her to sell your product? That’s what MLB 2k12 did.

Check out its promo video below which advertises the video game and $1,000,000 contest. But the ad irked more than the presence of some 50-second video spot. Did MLB 2k12 make itself a sell out by using Upton (and slew of sexual innuendos) to promote something the bombshell has nothing to do with? Kind of. MLB 2k12 has an audience of horny, teenage boys. So why not use Upton to get their attention if their superstars on the diamond can’t? Smart business move for MLB 2k12, but a little tacky at the same time. Shouldn’t using big-name players like Justin Verlander and David Price be enough to grab the audience’s attention? You decide.


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