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Kevin Youkilis: A Change of Sox

What’s white, black and not red all over?

The Chicago White Sox’s newest addition: infielder Kevin Youkilis.

Sunday, the Boston Red Sox All Star was swapped (along with some cash flow) for Chicago’s Brent Lillibridge (1B) and Zach Stewart (RHP).  Stewart is a tender 25 years old, Lillibridge is 28 and veteran Youkilis is 33 and boasts 8 years of experience — more than Stewart and Lillibridge combined (5 years, for all you math wizards).

According to an AP article on the trade, “Youkilis’ time in Boston became limited because of the play of rookie Will Middlebrooks, hitting .326 with nine homers and 34 RBIs in 41 games.”

As the article states, Middlebrooks, 23, currently sports a .326 batting average in 41 games played, while Youkilis sits on a .233 average in his 42 games played for the ’12 season. It’s a numbers game and Twitter exploded with tweets on the swap. Former University of Florida catcher and current New York Mets associate scout Teddy Foster posted this tweet:

Foster was spot on. Despite the fact Youkilis (who made his MLB debut with the Red Sox in ’04) was with the BoSox for two World Series wins and is a three-time All Star infielder, Boston didn’t hang on. Stewart and Lillibridge boast better numbers, and now because of it, they’ll sport numbers in red and navy. What are your thoughts on the much-talked about (or tweeted about) trade?


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