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MLB Players on Twitter: Who Do They Follow?

A smidgen over a month ago, BuzzFeed published an article exposing some NBA stars and their Twitter game.

The hard-hitting, investigative report “A Bunch of NBA Players Follow Porn Stars And Booty Models On Twitter” (how’s that for a headline?) sparked the question: Ight, what about some of the heavy hitters in the MLB? Whose Tweets are they twerking with on their feeds? The MLB is already exploding on the social media scene, most recently in the Home Run Derby/ Social Media Derby.

So what better excuse to take a peek into who some of the stars from last week’s Home Run Derby are following? While there isn’t a plethora of booty models or porn princesses, there were some interesting handles in the “following” section of some of the sluggers. Let the games begin.

Robinson Cano: @RobinsonCano, Following: 39, Followers: 266,898

Nothin’ too interesting with Robby on the ‘net. However, the former #HRDerby champ does follow one of the movie “Ted” parody accounts. The page’s bio is all you need to see what this dude’s throwing up.

Oh, and Cano is following Fabolous. Yeah, that one rapper. (We forgot about him, too.)

Prince Fielder: @FatCatPrince, Following: 168, Followers: 12,128

One of the most interesting things about Fielder’s Twitter is the fact that the Home Run Derby Champ isn’t verified … yet. But this Fresh Prince should get points for his Twitter handle alone. FatCatPrince? Classic. Fielder seems to enjoy some chuckles if you scroll through his “following” list. It’s full of parody accounts of other athletes.

 OK, FatCat, this FoJet is pretty hysterical.

In other news, the first five peeps Fielder decided to follow are also … interesting. Man’s gotta eat, right? And enjoy his dose of the rally squirrel.

Jose Bautista: @JoeyBats19, Following: 251, Followers: 245,396

Contrary to his Twitter handle, Jose’s account does not belong to a 14-year-old Little Leaguer. The Blue Jays slugger isn’t too fascinating in his “following” except for the hefty amount of singers and celebs he follows (50 Cent, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake …). And who doesn’t love a sexy serving of Shakira? Come to Joey, baby!

Mark Trumbo: @Mtrumbo44, Following: 71, Followers: 40,105 

Not a whole long trum-going on over here, either. Trumbo hasn’t even changed the default Twitter background yet. Something a little fascinating? The first account the Angel decided to follow was a tattoo company. Different strokes for different folks, y’all.

Matt Kemp: @TheRealMattKemp, Following: 331, Followers: 188,170 

OK, so Mr. Hollywood is our guy who runs closest to those NBA guys on Twitter.

And no, he’s not following Rihanna.

Carlos Beltran: @Carlosbeltran15, Following: 10 , Followers: 68,192

An athlete who keeps his social media professional? Booorrrinng. But he’s the only Carlos in this year’s Derby who has a Twitter (we couldn’t find one for Gonzalez). Beltran follows a measly 10 people and only registers 315 tweets so far. Here’s the thrilling list of the Tweeters he follows. Hey, at least he followed his wife first.

Andrew McCutchen: @TheCUTCH22, Following: 190 , Followers: 84,403

This Pirate’s “following” list isn’t exactly scandalous, but his taste in music should be a crime. Seriously.

At least the Florida native is staying true to his roots by following former University of Florida greats. But, Bruno Mars? Anything but clutch, Cutch.

*Note: Numbers for “followers” and “following” are changing for these guys on the reg.


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