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Gon’ Rogue: MLB’s Facebooks Hilariously Compromised

There’s no doubt MLB has been uppin’ its social media game — but Thursday’s Facebook posts were on a whole ‘nother level.

Zuckerberg users looked did some double takes at their FB feeds, and Deadspin reported why.

Check these gems out:

The sports site initially reported it was a hilarious hacker, but Friday, it revealed it was actually a “rogue MLB employee.” Let’s be stereotypical for a sec: There’s no way nerdy computer hackers watch sports, anyway — so this makes a helluva lot more sense, right?

A member of the Geek Squad wouldn’t be able to understand what the Braves post meant.

And according to the article, (via a statement from the rogue employee) we didn’t even see the best ones. Damn.


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